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COVID-19 has taught us one thing, fashion changes faster than technique. PROOF!

The foundation of this Surf Better Now platform is to simplify the process and movements required to improve the foundation technique and subsequently ability of a surfer.

In this COVID-19 era, we all have some extra time on our hands. No doubt a portion of this time is spent watching and rewatching surf videos, WSL highlights and web clips.

Whilst watching the WSL’s “The Vault” we looked past the ridiculous length of the board shorts worn and admired the way in which fundamental technique has stood the test of time. Yes today’s World Tour Athletes spend more time above the lip than in 2007, but the foundation movements are the same.

A full breakdown of the Forehand Bottom Turn is available in Level 6 of the Surf Better Now members area HERE

Here are some screenshots from the WSL’s Vault of the 2007 Quiksilver Pro.

Mick Fanning
Ben Dunn
Joel Parkinson
Josh Kerr

Next up on our viewing list was a Jordy Smith edit at Lower Trestles for Stab Magazine in 2017.

Jordy Smith
Jordy Smith

And to close it out for the Goofy Footers amongst us, we watched some recent event highlights from Italo Ferreira and Gabriel Medina.

Gabriel Medina
Italo Ferreira

Same same, but different.

The best are the best for a reason, if you can identify these underlying reasons and carry them into your own performance, improvement in execution will be the outcome.

With COVID-19 keeping us indoors, we challenge you to look for the similarities in movements for foundation techniques, for a cheat sheet of what to look for, head to the Surf Better Now member section.

You can view the full Surf Better Now breakdown on the forehand bottom turn for both Natural and Goofy Footers here.

WSL’s 2001 Quiksilver Pro Vault Episode is here.

Jordy Smith tearing Lower Trestles a new one for Stab Magazine here.

Italo Ferriera’s third qualifying run at the 2019 Freshwater Pro.

Gabriel Medina – Are you not entertained? WSL Highlights here.

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