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Hit the ground running – How to maximise speed on a wave as a surfer

The best surfer always has an incredible ability to be going at maximum speed through their first bottom turn, while the rest of us are trying to play catch up and build for something special later down the line.

You know Wave Entry At URBNSURF Is Everything, you’ve been working on the Improving Your Wave Entry During Lockdown, you’ve been doing your Keiser Lockdown Workout and you’ve studied the three part series on how to Perfect The Pop Up.

Things are looking up, winter is dead and Spring’s arrival has coincided with Victorian Lockdown measures gradually lifting, you are feeling stronger and ready to rip in!

With this new found confidence and spring in your step there is one more thing to add, a positive first movement on takeoff.

A positive first movement is a variation of Forehand Speed Generation from Level Six of Surf Better Now and adds a critical variation to the the way a surfer sets up their first manoeuvre.

From this point on this blog includes screenshots from the Positive First Movement VLOG available in the Member section of the website. The VLOG features Cahill Bell-Warren breaking down the elements of a Positive First Movement, using example footage of Isabella Nichols, Ethan Ewing, Connor O’Leary and Morgan Cibilic. If you are not yet a member you can sign up here.

The example athlete for this breakdown is Connor O’Leary. At 6’2 and 85kgs he is built like an AFL Footballer but can generate speed in tiny waves like a whippet grommet.

We all know how good Connor surfs…

Paddle Hard. This is a non negotiable!

Execute an efficient Leap to Feet.

Leap to feet lands in a low compressed position.

This position mimics the compression phase of Forehand Speed Generation.

Extension phase as per Forehand Speed Generation.

Extend through the legs, raising the arms to lift the surfboard into the top third of the wave.

Follow the green line, rather than dropping to the bottom of the wave on the red line.

From here, the options are limitless.

Pick a turn appropriate for what lies ahead of you, drop down and execute.

Enjoy the speed.

As always, perform a quality bottom turn.


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