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Volume is your friend. Here’s why.

The old “foam is your friend” saying is a good one.

Living by this saying when ordering your next surfboard can be one of things things that makes your surfs a touch easier, and the board can (hopefully) begin working for you, not against you.

Firewire Surfboards Volume Calculator

Finding the surfboard volume that works best for you can be a good indicator  in making sure your next board is the right size.

Former professional surfer and Tahitian surfer Vetea David was an advocate for LOTS of volume.

What is volume in a surfboard?

Volume is essentially the amount of foam that is in your surfboard. It is made up of the length, width and thickness of the board.

Due to the changes in thickness and width along the length of a board, volume is not as easy as just calculating off those three dimensions.

Most factory surfboards will provide a volume calculation next to the standard dimensions, however if you are getting a board of your local shaper you may need to ask them for the volume.

Owen Wright of Australia surfs in Heat 1 of the Round of 32 at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach
Photo: Aaron Hughes/World Surf League

How much volume should I have?

There is no standard answer that suits everyone to this question. Every person surfs differently and has different needs.

As a general guide:

Shortboard: 25lt – 40lt

Fish: 30lt – 45lt

Mid-length: 45lt – 60lt

Longboard: 60lt+

SUP: 80lt+

* Boards can vary from the above and if you would like more help with board selection book in a Video Analysis with one of our coaches here

In the below video, Connor O’Leary rides a 32lt+ board. Connor is a big guy in the 90kg+ range and is a professional athlete.

Why do I need more volume?

More Volume = More floatation = Easier paddling and more wave catching

There is obviously a trade off here. As you progress your surfing you may start to move down in volume to allow you to turn more easily and perform more maneuvers.

We like to err on the side of more volume is better. Its much harder to improve if you cant get into waves or are missing sections because your board is too small!

Don’t be afraid of volume.

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