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The story behind the first-ever backside front flip air in a wave pool

Thanks to our friends at WavePoolMag, we will be showcasing some of the different wave pools around the world and deep diving into the technology behind them! Dive in!

Traditionally, surfing’s child prodigies have grown up with mixed results, either evolving like Grom-John’s transformation into a world champion or crashing and burning on the sidelines of an industry unable to cope with a molten personality like Andy Irons.

But these days kids like Jackson Dorian and Cruz Dinofa have solid support networks ensuring a transition into World Tour contest machine or internet star. 11-year-old sensation Cruz will most likely pursue the latter.

In this clip, the diminutive regular foot announces for the camera he will try a backside front flip. And of course, he does. This move broke the Instasphere according to midMay channel markers with thousands of shares and hundreds of reposts. Here’s a closer look at the first-ever backside front flip air in a wave pool.

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