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What is it with Sharp Eye Surfboards?

What should you do for your next board?

Well, if you follow the World tour closely, or if you are simply a fan of high performance surfing then you have probably thought about Sharp Eye surfboards.

If you remember back to the early 2000’s both Patrick Bevan and Jeremy Flores were quick to have a Sharp Eye surfboard under their feet for small beach break conditions. But to be honest, they never really got much recognition globally until Filipe Toledo became a World title contender.

Since then, there have been Sharp Eye surfboards under the feet of some of the most famous surfers in the world including Joanne Defay, Tatiana Weston Webb, Sally Fitzgibbons (now on T&C Hawaii), Filipe Toledo, Jack Robinson, Kanoa Igarashi, Morgan Cibilic, Barron Mamiya, Jake Marshall, and Leo Fioravanti.

(c) Ed Sloane/World Surf League
(c) Matt Dunbar / World Surf League

However, in the past 18 months of WSL World Tour events the strength of Sharp Eye boards has gone to the next level with 12 event champions riding a Sharp Eye.

To put that into perspective, across the Men’s and Women’s Championship Tour events in 2021 and 2022 (so far), Sharp Eye boards have been ridden by 43% of event winners.

The next closest? …Lost Surfboards by Mayhem with 4 wins (or 14%). An absolute domination by Sharp Eye.

Sharp Eye Victories (2021 & 2022 season):
2022 Quiksilver/Roxy Pro G-Land – Jack Robinson & Johanne Defay
2022 Margaret River Pro – Jack Robinson
2022 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach – Filipe Toledo
2022 MEO Pro Portugal – Tatiana Weston-Webb
2022 Hurley Pro Sunset Beach – Barron Mamiya

2021 Jeep Surf Ranch Pro – Filipe Toledo / Johanne Defay
2021 Boost Mobile Margaret River Pro – Filipe Toledo / Tatiana Weston-Webb
2021 Rip Curl Rottnest Search – Sally Fitzgibbons
2021 Corona Open Mexico – Jack Robinson

(c) Ed Sloane / World Surf League
(c) Ed Sloane / World Surf League


Most surfers want the quickest and easiest path to improvement. There are plenty of videos out there providing tips and tricks and it’s important to remember that every surfer is different! However there are key elements that are vital to ensuring surfers of all ages and abilities can surf better now.

What is it that makes the board look so good?

Rocker? Glassing? Are the surfers simply making them look good?

To be honest, it’s a combination of everything.

The rockers are certainly tweaked with a high performance style of surfing in mind. One where the rocker allows the surfer to turn tight and hard, an increase in tail rocker, and lot’s of speed.

Let’s face it, these boards have been built around Filipe Toledo. Fast, razor sharp and the ability to go anywhere on the wave face (or above it).

The benefit of riding Sharpe Eye boards are that it brings small parts of Filipe’s surfing into other top level surfers performances.

WSL surfers are some of the best in the world, of course they are going to rip on any board you give them, but the top surfers don’t stick with the same equipment if the product isn’t helping them do the surfing they want to be doing. And when you are going for world titles, every little tweak can make the difference.

And for those interested, here are the dimensions that both Jack and Johanne were riding at G-Land (courtesy of the legends at Empire Ave):

(c) Ed Sloane / World Surf League
(c) Matt Dunbar / World Surf League

Jack Robinson:

His winning board was a #77 Sharp Eye:
🥇 6’0 x 19 x 2 5/8 @ 30L 🥇

The other boards in his quiver:
Inferno 72 – 5’10 x 19 1/8 x 2 5/8 – 30L
#77 – 6’0 x 19 x 2 5/8 – 30L
#77 – 6’0 x 19 x 2 5/8 – 30L 🏆
#77 – 6’1 x 19 x 2 5/8 – 31.5L
#77 – 6’2 x 19 x 2 5/8 – 31.5L
#77+ – 6’0 x 19 x 2 1/2 – 30L

Johanne Defay:

Her winning board was a #77 Sharp Eye:
🥇 5’8 x 18 3/4 x 2 3/8 @ 24.5L 🥇

The other boards in her quiver:
#77 – 5’8 x 18 3/4 x 2 3/8 – 24.5L
#77 – 5’9 x 18 3/8 x 2 3/8 – 24.5L
#77 – 5’10 x 18 3/8 x 2 3/8 – 24.5L


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