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What to pack on your Indonesia Surf Trip

You’re like a kid in a candy store about to go on your first Indonesia surf trip. But what do you pack?

This is a guide of what to pack for your overseas trip surf-wise:

Boards, Boards, Boards

For an overseas trip like this, you’ll want to pack an array of different types of surfboards. Different sizes too.

You want to take at least 3 boards. Take a small wave board for if the waves are small and fun.

Take your go to surfboard that you’re comfortable to surf in almost all conditions and take a gun or a bigger board.

One that allows you to paddle into waves easier and get into that barrel earlier!

Editors note: Check out our blog on why you should ride a bigger board here

Remember to take care of your boards on the flight over. Put them in board bags and bubble wrap them. Have something to protect them on the flight as you don’t know what the airlines do with them.

Rash vests/board shorts/bikinis

Forgetting this item could leave you in the nude or surfing in your nice clothes. PS. Take a few pairs of these, you don’t want to be putting on wet gear.

Also don’t forgot to grab some reef booties so you don’t cut your feet to shreds.

Sun Protection

This includes sunscreen, zinc and other skincare products like facial moisturiser. For Indonesia you’ll be wanting to take along strong sunscreen such as new-broad spectrum sunscreens that are SPF 50 or higher for UV protection.

Beach towels and travel towels

These can double as protection for your boards when packing them as well!

Mentawai Wave in Indonesia

Surf Accessories

Take a few pairs of fins for different types of conditions, take some ear plugs, few blocks of warm water wax, wax comb and a ding repair kit.

You could even throw in some soft roof racks if you’re thinking of driving around yourself.

First aid kit

A first aid kit on an Indonesian surf trip is a must, it’s a must on any surf trip.

Your first aid kit should include antiseptic creams, wipes, saline solution, band-aids/bandages, waterproof tapes.

Don’t forget some painkillers, so if you put your back out, you’ve got something to keep you going!

Last thing is for you to jump on that flight and go and enjoy yourself!

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