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URBNSURF Backside tuberiding hack – Hips

There is a serious trend that has emerged at URBNSURF Melbourne, surfers are obsessed with surfing their forehands! With more natural footers walking the earth proudly swinging their left foot forward, this means that the booking trends at URBNSURF favour greater booking pressure on the rights.

This provides the opportunity to book more sessions, at a later notice over on the left of the pool. We at Surf Better Now prefer the left, being predominantly based on the West Coast of Victoria in Torquay, we relish the opportunity to go left.

Why are people so hesitant to surf their backhand?

The answer is that backside tube riding tends to be more difficult than forehand. It certainly is more intimidating to have your back to the wall, our eyes have a nasty habit of straying towards our impending doom of the exploding lip, rather than the simple forehand focus on the glory of the exit.

At Surf Better Now we love the challenge the pursuit of growth provides. If you are guilty of avoiding your backhand because you can’t seem to get your head around tube riding, Cahill has the answers for you!

In a previous VLOG, we dissected the single most important factor to tube riding at URBNSURF; the line a surfer takes. We recommend you view the URBNSURF TUBE RIDING HACK – LINE vlog here before tackling the below video.

For an URBNSURF specific Forehand Tube Riding Tutorial click here.

For an URBNSURF specific Backhand Tube Riding Tutorial click here.

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