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URBNSURF Backside tuberiding hack – Line

If you’ve ever been to URBNSURF in Melbourne, you’ve either witnessed or personally experienced the joy & anguish of the tube settings in Advanced and Expert sessions!

If you can take the drop and trim across the green face, then you can get seriously pitted in the chlorine cones at Tullamarine!

Regardless of your tube riding technique, forehand or backhand, there is one common denominator that is the make or break for all surfers when pits are on offer… The LINE you take.

In the video below, Surf Better Now’s Cahill Bell-Warren breaks down the single most important factor to a successful forehand or backhand tube ride at URBNSURF.

In a previous VLOG, we dissected the another important factor to tube riding at URBNSURF; the angle of a surfers hips. We recommend you view the URBNSURF TUBE RIDING HACK – HIPS vlog here before tackling the below video.

For an URBNSURF specific Forehand Tube Riding Tutorial click here.

For an URBNSURF specific Backhand Tube Riding Tutorial click here.

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