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How can Skateboarding help your surfing?

Greyson Fletcher (son of aerial innovator Christian Fletcher) is an amazing talent. The way he flows through the run whilst maintaining speed and style is insane.

But still, why is it posted here. On a surf improvement website.

Looking forward at what surfing will move towards in the future, I see this run by Greyson Fletcher perfectly suiting where the surfing judging criteria will be heading towards and what we will eventually start seeing day to day in the ocean at your local break.

  • It’s innovative.
  • It’s focused on Major Tricks or Manoeuvres.
  • The run is linked together to use the entire park (in our case: Wave)
  • There is control, yet you don’t know what he’s going to do! which is why it’s so exciting
  • Looking deeply, it just suits where surfing is headed.

Which highlights some deep similarities between surfing and skateboarding and a great case to look at skateboarding to bring out the future of what surfing is to look like and how we best move into that innovative space either as surfers or as coaching working with junior surfers.

Not only is it a look into the future, skateboarding can help your surfing in many ways. Here are some ways that jumping on a skateboard can improve your surfing in the water.


Even with the invention of wave pools, it’s difficult to get out in the water every day. Skateboarding allows you to mimic movements similar to surfing without the need to worry about swell, wind and tides.

Practical Fitness

Using muscle groups that are similar to surfing will help keep your body fit and ready to go when the waves turn on. Skateboarding is also a lot more fun than going to the gym!


Although not completely the same as balance in the water, Skateboarding is pretty close. By skating regularly when the waves are not good, you can help maintain your balance when moving without having to be in the ocean.


Practicing technique for surfing is not easy. Once you are in the water remembering every little thing to work on is challenging with a moving wave-face, people bailing their boards in front of you, wind howling in your face.

Locking down correct technique (such as the T-Shape and Chest over Knee) will cement it in your brain for the next time you are in the water.

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