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Caio Ibelli’s Brazil CT 10 Point Tube – Technique Breakdown

Did you watch much of the Oi Rio Pro at Saquarema? With the timezone not that suitable for Australian viewers it’s fair to have missed the majority of the event. One wave that will muscled it’s way in front of your eyes will have been Caio Ibelli‘s 10 point ride in his Elimination Round Heat against Jadson Andre.

Our reaction to seeing it was one of disbelief… How. Did. He. Make. That. Wave?

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In shifty mostly closeouts, after trading a few basic 4 point rides, Caio pulled into what was a genuine slow closeout.

The camera followed and surely gave up on him, but sure enough to the roar of thousands of Brazilian surf fans, Caio emerged with two hands in the air.

The ride defied logic in a jersey to a level possibly not seen since Sebastian Zeitz’s 10 at North Point years ago.

How did he do it?

Here Cahill Bell-Warren breaks down the fundamentals you can take into your own surfing that will have you one step closer to making “that” wave in front of your mates next glory session at your local.

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